Escape from the cat or maybe a new friendship with penguins?...

Defend your home from Ravenous Raptors...

Wipe that smile off the Mona Lisa’s face... Become the star on the cover of the popular newspaper...

The placefor awesome selfies!

Here you'll find the largest 3D Images collection in Spain. Interactive 3D Paintings will let you to create unique and extraordinary photos with your participation. Have fun discovering an a amazing new world. By interacting with the 3D images, you and your friends can bring those images to live. Open your eyes and get lost in a world of illusions. Tens of paintings, over one and a half hour of incredible entertaiment.

¿Mensaje en una botella? ¡No, eres tú!

Adam or Eve…

Casi como escalera al cielo...

Conviértete en parte de la imagen...

¿Alguna vez has sido un tipo realmente malo?

Ser como un famoso pianista...

From the moment you step inside you will be surrounded by the most fantastic images. Drop your reservations, get creative, and have fun!

HOW IT WORKS?A guide for the best experience.

3D Trick Gallery

3D Trick Gallery is an exhibition that will allow you to take photos in unusual, abstract, and completely impossible scenarios.

TIPS for the best experience:

1. Before taking the photo be sure to check the INFO POINT located next to the 3D image.
2. Depending on what you want to take a picture of, you can use certain image format settings. Pictures taken with our selfie stand should be set according to the 4:3 format (in the iPhone „picture”)
3. When taking photos make sure your phone lines up with the 3D image.
4. Turn off the flash.

5. Match your phone orientation (horizontal/ vertical) with that of the 3D image. The correct orientation (horizontal/ vertical) depends on the orientation of the 3D image and the subjects in your photo.
6. The example images are only suggestions, you can use them or feel free to use your own ideas and poses.
7. Interactive poses with 3D image will provide the best effect.
8. Most importantly, HAVE FUN and FEEL FREE to be as creative as you want!


Tens of paintings, one and a half hour of enjoyment and unconventional fun.


morning ticket

11:00 – 15:006,5 € / person

afternoon ticket

15:00-21:009,5 € / person

ticket 2 + 2and more

11:00-21:007,5 € / person*

*ticket 2 +2 – min. 4 persons (including max 2 adults)




combo ticket for both exhibitions*

morning combo ticket

11:00 – 15:00**9,75 € / person

afternoon combo ticket

15:00-21:0014,25 € / person

combo ticket2+2 and more

11:00-21:0011,25 € / person*

*ticket 2+2 – min. 4 persons (including max 2 adults)

* COMBO ticket for one visit to both Exhibitions must be used on the same day. ** You must enter at least one of the Exhibitions before 15:00. Tickets should be kept for the entire duration of the tour; the COMBO ticket is only valid with an armband.
The ticket office is open until 21:00. Did you buy a ticket for one Exhibition and want to use the COMBO offer instead? With a valid ticket for one Exhibition you can buy a ticket for the same day for the second Exhibition for 50% of the price.


Lugar de la exposición:
Plaza Principal frente a Centre Pompidou Málaga
Muelle Uno, Puerto de Málaga
29016 Málaga

+34 689462284